Yearly Eye Exam Contacts and Glasses

Remember to Schedule Your Yearly Eye Exam! Find The Perfect Contacts and Glasses For You

Yearly eye exams are an essential part of maintaining healthy eyesight and preventing potential eye problems. When deciding between contacts and glasses, factors such as personal lifestyle and preferences and eye health should be considered. Fritz & Hawley offers a wide variety of frames, lenses, and contact lenses from top-quality brands and flexible appointment options to ensure patients receive the best care!

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Family-Owned Optical Shop Local Business

6 Reasons to Choose a Family-Owned Optical Shop Over a Corporate Chain

When choosing an optical shop, it’s important to weigh your options. Family-owned optical shops like Fritz & Hawley offer a unique personal touch, build long-term relationships with customers, and have community ties. By supporting a family-owned local business, customers contribute to their community’s economic development and enjoy a more personalized experience.

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